Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: Sif #1

Lady Sif is one of those characters I don’t have much experience with at all, being someone who only started reading Thor with the recent relaunch helmed by JMS a couple of years ago. That being said, I found that an encyclopediac knowledge of Sif’s history isn’t needed for this fun little romp, which was certainly nice.

Right off the bat, we’re told everything we need to know about Sif – who she is, where she’s from, what kind of woman she is, bits and pieces of her past history, everything. Even a prior relationship is alluded to enough that one understands the gravity of the situation when she comes across an old lover…who has a new friend.

The plot is a fairly simple plot, but it really works well to showcase who Sif is, and what she’s all about, and frankly, from this tale alone, I am dying to see more. Kelly Sue Deconnick has done a great job showing who Sif is – and who she has the potential to be – and I would love to see her take up writing duties on a Sif mini, ongoing, or even co-feature at the back of Thor, because its clear that this is a character with a lot of potential.

The art by Ryan Stegman is somewhat of a cross between Todd Nauck and David Lopez, but not in a bad way at all. Being someone who is not as much a fan of photorealistic art (I like my comic book art to look like fun, poppy, comic book art), I found the art to my liking quite a bit, and it certainly suited the adventure of the story.

While it’s not the best book I have ever read, out of the stable of the “Women of Marvel” stuff that Marvel has been pushing out, this is certainly one of the better ones.


***1/2 out of five.

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