Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonder Woman's New Costume

It's nearly been a year since I updated this thing, but I think this is as good a time as any to get back on the bandwagon.

So, the new Wonder Woman costume is out, and there's a lot going through my mind as I look at it.

My first thought is, "Oh god, they recoloured the Jim Lee costume" followed by, ""Oh
god, it's like when they unveiled Halle Berry's Catwoman costume a few years ago!"

My next thought is "Crap, what the hell is with the fabric?"

My fourth thought, "I really like the belt!"

And then, "Fuuuu--- that lipstick mixed with that fabric makes the porn parody of Wonder Woman look more like Wonder Woman should than this one does." Seriously. Justice League Porn Parody Wonder Woman looks more like Wonder Woman than this one does.

Right after that, I flash back to Cathy Lee Crosby's Wonder Woman, who didn't seem AT ALL like Wonder Woman.

And it goes downhill from there.

But I'm going to stay positive. And, going with the positive, here's what I think:

There are elements of the Wonder Woman design that I honestly, truly love. I love the tiara. I love the =W= elements on the boots and the silver bracelets. I like the eagle emblem. I LOVE the belt. I really do love that belt. The stars down the side of the pants are a great touch.

And then there's the bad.

First. The fabric. Wonder Woman is a character who has not been taken all that seriously, for whatever reason. She's never quite been able to get the sort of respect that Batman and Superman have. The fact that Wonder Woman's being put in what, fabrically, is a brightly coloured S&M outfit, doesn't really help to make her seem all that more serious. In fact, it makes her look cheap, and like a joke. Shiny fabric is NEVER a good idea. And this is a warrior. A woman who is supposed to inspire. This doesn't inspire the right thing.

Second. That lipstick. With the fabric of the costume, and what looks like oily hair, she looks more like Wonder Whore than Summer Roberts thought she did in that season one episode of the OC where she's trying to win over Seth Cohen. (And Rachel Bilson actually made a HOT Wonder Woman there, without looking like she was about to star in a porn parody.) It's just....with all that shiny fabric, you need understated make-up so you don't look like you're about to hop on a pole.

Third? The boots? Should really be red. Keep the gold trim, that's cool. White, though a netural, would bring a fourth colour into the whole ensemble, and that would become too much on a costume that is already too much in all the wrong ways. It's too much blue on the lower half, and it upsets the balance of the costume.

Fourth: The blue? It would work better if the colour were a little bit darker. It really would. I'm not saying navy? But three shades darker. Just three. It would do wonders (pun so not intended) for the pants.

Fifth? The top. Now, I love a bustier as much as the next guy. But in the script, you have Diana worrying about how bad her classic costume made her look (which...really? this is the one you choose to follow that up?) Anyway, I digress. There SHOULD be some straps on that top, and I don't mean tiny spaghetti straps. Even make it a halter, if you need to. But if you're going to go to the trouble of adding pants to the costume? Make the top a bit more realistic so it doesn't look like she's about to fall out of that. Otherwise, it just adds to the stripperesque version of it, and that's just...not a good thing.

This, really, is a costume that would have worked better in the comics, I think, and that too? It would be a great new look for Donna Troy, if they ever wanted to give her a new look. But this...this isn't Diana.

A great look for Diana would have been Donna's costume as Wonder Woman in Heinberg's relaunch...or something like what Erica Durance wore in Smallville in that one episode.

I just... I don't know. I think, for the Wonder Woman relaunch...this is far from the way to go.